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When you're looking for a contractor to install, repair, or maintain your flat roof, you can trust B&A Roofing. We have years of experience working with flat roofing systems in Hattiesburg, MS and know that getting the most out of your roofing project is important. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we strive to provide exceptional services that help you maximize your investment. Our expert team uses only the best roofing materials and efficient solutions that save you time and money.

Flat Roofs

Why Should You Consider A Flat Roof for Your Home?

Flat roofing systems may be the perfect option if you're looking for a modern and cost-effective solution for your Hattiesburg, MS home. These roofs offer numerous advantages over other types, including less installation time and labor required, minimal maintenance and repairs throughout their lifespan, and the ability to utilize space on top of your home for various purposes like installing solar panels or creating a rooftop deck.

Flat roofs are also durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds and heavy rain—something that can't be said about many other types of roofs.

Superior Materials 

Expert Craftsmanship 

Comprehensive Flat Roofing Solutions In Hattiesburg, MS

At B&A Roofing, we hold quality as our top priority. Our dedicated team strives to deliver exceptional workmanship, and we take pride in our services. We offer a wide range of flat roofing solutions tailored to meet your needs:

Flat Roof Repair Trust our experts for precise repairs to restore the integrity of your flat roof.

Flat Roof Replacement: Upgrade your roof with our professional replacement services, ensuring enhanced durability.

Flat Roof Installation: Experience flawless installation of flat roofs, providing lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

Why Trust Us With Your Flat Roofing Needs?

We're here to help you make an informed decision about your flat roof. We've been doing this for years, and we've seen it all: flat roofs that have lasted decades and ones that have needed replacement in just a few years. We know what works and what doesn't, so we can help you figure out what kind of flat roof is going to work best for you and your home.

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25 Years Of Combined Experience

2 Years Of Workmanship Warranty

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B&A Roofing has been the top choice for homeowners.

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We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, so we can help you get the roof of your dreams.

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